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Project Description
A simple static class to provide easy to use extension methods to objects of type IEnumerable<T> which can generate Permutations and Combinations.

Is a very compact and simple class developed in Visual Studio Express 2010 (but should be compatible with Visual Studio 2009 C# and VB.NET 3.5) that adds extension methods to IEnumerable<T> which generate IEnumerable<IEnumerable<T>> objects resulting in combinations and permutations of the original set. The permutation and counting methods are implemented as extension methods for the IEnumerable<T> generic interface.

Examples for using this class can be found in the discussions.

The download comes as a console testing application which performs unit testing on each aspect of the library class. The library class file "Permutations.cs" is the only class required to integrate the permutations / combinations into your application.

The project is released as a single ZIP file download containing a single Visual Studio Express 2010 solution.

Change History:
  • Improved performance and memory footprint by using Enumerables for empty and single enumerations instead of arrays.

  • Initial Release.

Please go to the downloads section to download the file.

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